Opening night of “Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2016”

horrible-imaginings-1As we have been talking about for some time on our show, the Two Gay Geeks have come to San Diego to attend the “Horrible Imaginings Film Festival” at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. The first few days of the festival will only have nighttime programming, with the all day programming reserved for Saturday and Sunday.

Today is the opening night of the film festival and this is what we had the great pleasure of seeing.


You Are Not the Strongest

A simple animated short that has a bit of a grim beginning as a man shoots a bird he happens to be hunting. He learns later he’s not exactly at the top of the food chain.

While this start off off as a slightly troublesome short (hence the real horror aspect of it), what happens at the end leaves the viewer feeling both satisfied and amused.

Dad’s Fragile Doll

A little girl uses dolls to re-enact the horrible misjustice that her father was subjected to, and with dolls she exacts her own form of justice against the man who took her father from her. This short was animated on computer, but done in a manner resembling pencil drawing. Very well done, and disturbing. Definitely a horror against humanity type of story, even for an animated short!


Hybrid of live and animation of a man driving past the same mile marker, and where the time continues to be 3:14 in the morning. Creepy film about a man who died and is trapped in a moment of time. It has a strong Twilight Zone feel.

Beware Of Bunny

Cute animated film about a kid who finds his way into a Pet Cemetary, and is being stalked by the spirit of a dead rabbit. Cute film that plays with fun sounds to heighten the humor. Think Peter Cottontail meets Cthulu, but with an appetite for carrots.

The Beach Boy

A Vietnamese legend animated in oils and watercolor. Not so much a true horror, but more of a tragedy between a King and his Princess daughter after she marries a commoner. Beautifully made with a sad ending.

Ad Re

This short film is about a man who wishes to simply give a flower to a girl that he sees, but what he ends up seeing is a nightmarish truth about himself and the world that he’s a part of. This has a stop-motion feel to it, and is very disturbing in the abrupt turn that it takes, as well as its even more sudden ending.

Balloon Ride

A claymation film dealing with domestic violence and abuse, and a little boy’s dream of how a balloon carried him away from his family nightmare. Another beautifully filmed short that shows how horror can be a part of someone’s every day life.

Travel By Feet

A man wishes to travel by train in solitude, but is forced to deal with annoying traveling companions at everything turn. They all drive him mad. Excellent bit of misdirection with its story telling. It definitely has a Spanish feel to it. It has the most unusual beginning, but it all makes sense by the time the short ends.

The Detectives of Noir Town

A noirish film where humans and puppets co-exist. The puppets aren’t very bright as they try to solve a murder. While the director wanted a very simple and amusing short, the case could be made regarding how humans view themselves as superior to puppets. Nonetheless, this was probably the most amusing short film of the night.

Cat Killer

A black and white charcoal style animated film about a man who seems to enjoy killing feral cats. The animation is very unusual, which allows for the harsh subject matter without it becoming too emotionally dark. His method of killing cats is quite disturbing, as is the reason for why he wishes to kill feral cats.

The Marshalls

Stop motion done in the style of Tim Burton. Family has a “secret” hiding in the basement, which betrays its keeper. Short, but with one of those uneasy funny endings. “Fun” horror at its finest!



This Japanese horror film truly exemplifies one of the characteristics that can be found in horror films, and that is the “unexpected.” This film is filled with the unexpected, starting with the single largest body count within minutes of this film’s beginning. Every so many minutes the film takes the viewer on unexpected journeys, leading us to believe that this is part hard science fiction (with its discussion of parallel universes), but at other times creating the belief that this is really part The Matrix. It’s a film that has the viewer questioning everything about the setting of this story, and further illustrates the point that horror can be all about the irrational. The fact that it doesn’t entirely make sense is what makes it such a strong horror film.

The film festival continues through to September 11, and tickets can still be purchased at Horrible Imaginings Film Fest & Podcast.
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