Sci-Fi film “A Morning Light” releases very thoughtful, and slightly eerie trailer.

a-morning-lightThe geeks here at TG2 Squared Studios are very much into independent creators, including those who work in film. Historically some of the best movies we have seen have come from filmmakers who work outside of the major studio machinery. It is with great joy that we just now learned about a very experimental science fiction thriller titled A Morning Light, where the woods are dark, deep and maybe even harboring otherworldly visitors in this film by Ian Clark. This is definitely not a movie for audiences who require lot of exposition and special effects to find enjoyment. Fans of Shane Carruth, however, will want to take note.

Here’s the official description of the film, which was funded via Kickstarter:

A Morning Light is an atmospheric, sci-fi thriller focused on Zach and Ellyn—who begin to sense a strange presence has embedded itself in the forest. As they immerse themselves in the surrounding wilderness their experiences become progressively more bizarre. Do the sounds and light phenomena affecting them come from somewhere else, or is this merely an invention of their perception?

The dreamy trailer, full of moody imagery and sinister music, is certainly ambiguous.

A Morning Light is currently on the festival circuit, but will likely end up on Clark’s Vimeo page, where you can check out his earlier films, too.

Is this a movie you would go out and see while on the festival circuit? Would you like to see this film receive major distribution, or is this too heady for regular movie going audiences?
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