CW presents “Superhero Fight Club 2.0” Trailer

fight_club_2_0_supergirl_arrow_flash_atom_whiteThe CW is touting is four-day lineup of primetime DC superhero action by putting SupergirlThe Flash, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow crew together for a second “Superhero Fight Club” trailer! Which you must watch in full exclusively on their new CW app.

As you can see, the trailer not only features the titular characters from all four shows but members of their supporting casts as well, mixing the humor, action, and meta references galore that have become a trademark of The CW’s DC television brand. The list of talent that appears in the promo runs long, with veterans like Stephen Amell having a bit of winking fun with newcomer Melissa Benoist, while Flash actor Grant Gustin gets to reflect on having been in the freshman seat. The three quickly establish a nice repitorie, and Benoist seems like she fits right in with the crew.

Of course, the banter between the likes of Cisco, Diggle, and Felicity is as welcome as ever – and Diggle’s reaction of the Martian Manhunter reveal is priceless, as poor Dig seems increasingly bewildered by the new wonders of the DCTVU. Oh, and select members of the Legends crew are… there, too.

The action is about as hokey as you’d expect from a promo like this, with the emphasis clearly put on the characters and their interactions as part of one big crew. But what we may lack in great action, is made up for with a Gorilla Grodd cameo. Can’t ever go wrong with that.

Catch Supergirl on Monday nights; Flash on Tuesdays; Arrow on Wednesdays; and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays beginning next week on The CW.

What are your thoughts regarding the overall character chemistry now with Melissa Benoist part of the group? Does this increase your enthusiasm for the upcoming season on the CW, or are you continuing to view this with a skeptical eye?
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