“Luke Cage”’s Facebook Live Chat Crashed by his Fellow “Defenders”

Premiere of 'Bloodline'Mike Colter, the star of the Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage, Colter seems to be coming to terms with his Marvel stardom, but rather than let him go it alone, his fellow Defenders co-stars decided to hop into a recent Q&A chat to show their support. The recorded video of that chat is down below, but due to some language spoken it might be considered NSFW.

Colter was in the midst of answering questions about his well-received new Netflix series when Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter hopped into the chat. Ritter asked Colter “Mike, are you sick of talking about yourself yet?”

“Yeah, yes I am. I vomited before I got on screen.”

Ritter applauded Colter’s performance, calling him a “bad ass” and said she’s already cried three times and she’s only on episode 10. When asked if anything surprised her so far, she did point out one thing in particular, saying “Well I didn’t realize he was quite as slutty I guess [laughter], but then I thought about it and I was like oh right, like Luke Cage always goes home with a different woman from the bar every night, right. I was like oh wow.”

The wound was deep for Colter, but it didn’t take long for his spirits to get a boost from Finn Jones, who is playing the role of Iron Fist. It was actually the first time the two had met, and Jones revealed he was in New York shooting the finale. He’ll end up with about a three-week break before starting work on The Defenders.

Not one to be left out, Daredevil actor Charlie Cox also stopped by, taking some time away from his new dad responsibilities. Cox is excited to start on Defenders, adding “I can’t wait to get on set with you dude, it’s going to be so much fun.”

He also requested a Luke Cage Cribs style tour, but Colter wasn’t moving from his front yard. Cox also complimented Colter’s hoodie he wears in the show, which features the yellow lining, a nod to the character’s comic origins.

Luke Cage is available now on Netflix, and Defenders will be hitting the streaming service next year.

How do you like the camaraderie between each of the Defenders? Does watching this interview make you even more excited for not just Iron Fist, but next year’s Defenders?
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