The teaser trailer for “Doctor Who” spin-off series, “Class” is here!


dw806-coalhillpromo-165224The BBC has released an official teaser trailer for Doctor Who spin-off series Class, which you can see below in this article.

Class will follow students at Coal Hill Secondary School, an institution of learning, which just so happens to have a long history in Doctor Who lore. Several of the Doctor’s past companions have been employees of the school, and his granddaughter was also a pupil there. The Doctor himself has even been involved with the school from time to time.

The trailer features Peter Capaldi as the Doctor as he ominously monologues about how the students at Coal Hill Academy will need to learn to survive without him.

Class starts on BBC 3 on October 22, 2016, and on BBC America in 2017.

It’s not much to go on, but do you have any initial impressions? Does it lean a bit too heavily on the Doctor, or is it just right to serve as an introduction to the regular cast members of Class?
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