“Dr. Strange” preview – a psychedelic 15 minutes!

dr-strange-previewI have made no bones over the fact that my favorite Marvel hero as I was growing up was Dr. Strange. I relish in the fact that the comic book during that time was filled with such psychedelic imagery that would give you a sense of wonder on one page, only to fill you with a nightmarish sense of terror on another. For that reason I have wanted to see a movie with my favorite Sorcerer Supreme, but after having experienced a more than disappointing made-for-TV movie I became convinced such an endeavor was impossible, even after it was announced that Marvel Studios would be making this film. Thanks to Fingerpaint Marketing we here at TG2 Studios had an opportunity to see 15 minutes of the upcoming film Dr. Strange, and if the entire film is anything like the 15 minutes we saw then those fears are totally unfounded.

This isn’t just a continuous series of scenes totaling 15 minutes from the film, rather it’s a collection of separate scenes that sort of act as a visual synopsis of the film (as well as show off the IMAX 3D system), starting with a very successful neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange, his highly publicized accident, and how the responsibility has been given to him to defeat the villainous threat presented in this movie.

This preview was in IMAX in 3D, so it was a bit disconcerting to have the screen just flash Benedict Cumberbatch’s face in a close-up that almost allowed for me to look up his nose. I would say that all of the scenes that took place in the “physical plane” were a bit much to watch, but when the clips take us into the other realms that make up the multi-verse the scenes we saw looked like something out of the classic Steve Ditko comic books.

For legal reasons we do not have all of the footage we saw at the preview, but we did come across a featurette (you can find it down below) that does feature a good deal of the truly mysterious and mystical dimensions that Dr. Strange visits, and I can tell you that what this featurette shows barely scratches the surface of what the preview we saw presents. In fact, while the preview does feature the big conflict between Strange and Kaecilius, at no time did the preview ever spoil anything. Instead it teased us by dropping some of the most jaw-dropping bread crumbs that unquestionably had long-time Strange fans chatting about what they saw hours after leaving the theater.

It takes a lot for me to actually feel a sense of excitement about a movie, and I am really pleased that Marvel has done it again in giving me that sensation in anticipation of the release of what might very well be a game changer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dr. Strange comes out in a special premiere in Los Angeles on October 20, 2016, followed by the UK on October 25, 2016, spreads across over the globe in the days following, and then it will premiere in the US on November 4, 2016.

Did you have any prior doubts or concerns regarding Dr. Strange as a Marvel movie? Now that you’ve seen the above featurette, do you still have those same doubts, or are you filled with a sense of hope and excitement for the film?
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