The end credits for “Doctor Strange” are… well just as strange!

doctor-strange-city-bending-179855One of the stronger elements for the Marvel movies has been the music played over the end credits. While they may not have the memorable melody lines of movies past (Who wasn’t humming the tune to Jaws or Star Wars when those movies hit the theaters?), what they are is a perfect fit for the overall tone of each of their films. From the music of pure mythological majesty by Patrick Doyle for Thor, to the wonderfully inspired music of Captain America: The First Avenger by Alan Silvestri that hearkened back to the classic war movies our parents grew up with, not to mention the brilliant song “Make Way for Tomorrow Today” with music and lyrics written by the legendary Disney composer Richard Sherman, Marvel Studios has continued to give the audiences such wonderful end credit music allowing for audiences to leave the theater with a “complete package” and even take some of what they experienced with them by making that music the very last thing they hear before entering into the lobby of the theater.

Now there is Doctor Strange. Marvel just released “The Master of the Mystic End Credits,” Michael Giacchino’s music for, you guessed it, Doctor Strange’s end credits. It’s certainly unlike anything you’d expect from a typical Marvel movie soundtrack—its eclectic instrumental choices definitely try to evoke that psychedelia of the earliest Doctor Strange comics. It’s sort of like a cross between the Sherlock soundtrack (appropriate, considering the lead actor) and an unusual blend of instrumental progressive rock, with elements of older Pink Floyd, along with some strong guitar/sitar and equally wonderful keyboard work, as if played by Yes and two of their most notable musical members, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman.
You can listen to it by going to this YouTube clip below.

Whatever it is, it sounds delightfully… strange. (Sorry not sorry.) Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, but some news sources report that the soundtrack is to be made available for download on October 21, so keep your eyes peeled if you wish to get this wonderful gem before the movie comes out!

What did you think of the music? Did you find it inaccessible as music, or did it really catch your interest (as it did me)? Should Marvel have gone more “commercial” with the music, or did they not go far enough out there with the choice of music and composer Michael Giacchino?
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