The teaser for “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” looks beautiful!!!


There is one thing to say about Luc Besson. He knows how to make a stunning looking movie! One look at his resumé and you can see how enormously busy he is all of the time. With two projects announced, two others already completed, and one movie in post-production, there is no question that Besson is very much in demand. And if you have any doubt about how his projects can have a certain “lushness” to their look, all you need to do is watch The Fifth Element and all doubt is erased.

Now we are finally getting a look at his most recent project (the one listed as being in post-production), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and if this first trailer is any indication it looks like that this movie could possibly have everything that every science fiction geek might want in a big epic looking movie.

It’s got spaceships. It’s got spacesuits. It’s got cool looking cities. There are monsters, aliens, weapons, portals and so much more. The trailer feels as if Besson took every sci-fi trope in the book and threw them all into a single movie. In other words, IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!

If you just watched that trailer, then let me assure you that you ears did not deceive you. That was indeed the Beatles song “Because.” According to Besson, it’s the first time the group has ever let one of their songs be used like that, and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr had to sign off on it personally. The director decided to use it because he and his trailer editors were looking for a song that conveyed the mood they wanted in the first teaser. They stumbled on “Because” and built the trailer around the song instead of the other way around.

Also of note, Besson recently stated that when the next trailer comes out in January, and a final one after that, he won’t use the same shot twice in any of them. He’s sick of trailers that just re-edit the same footage over and over again, so he wants Valerian to be different.

Back at Comic-Con, Besson first debuted footage from the film and talked about the origins of the project. He’s loved the source material, Valérian and Laureline, for as long as he can remember and collaborated with its creator Jean-Claude Mézières on The Fifth Element. At that time, Mézières begged Besson to adapt and bring his vision to the big screen. At the time in 1999 it couldn’t be done, but by July 21, 2017, it will be.

That’s when Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, starring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne hits theaters.

What are your thoughts after seeing this trailer? Are you excited to see this movie? If you’re one of those who did not care for The Fifth Element, what are your impressions of this trailer?
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