TG Squared Studios6The Two Gay Geeks wish to apologize for this announcement, but there will be no new episode this coming week. TG2 Studios was unexpectedly down for two days so we were unable to record a new show, but we promise that we will be back next week with a new episode, and possibly even an interview as well!

In the meantime, we do wish to acknowledge some upcoming birthdays… On Monday, November 14th, Galen Hughes (niece to the Two Gay Geeks), Wednesday, November 16, Alexandria Osland (wife of BTi actor Travis Osland), on Thursday November 17, Rebecca Moesta (wife of author Kevin Anderson, as well as being an excellent author herself), Lorri Mennenga (wife of former Slice Of SciFi host Michael Mennenga, which probably makes Lori “Mrs. Slice Of SciFi”), and Friday November 18th, high school friend of Ben’s, plus outstanding geek in his own right, Donald Black.


Palm Springs Comic Con


Palm Springs Comic Con will be November 19 – 20, 2016 at the Hard Rock Hotel, 150 S Indian Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs. For tickets and information please check out


Phoenix Comicon Info
Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 17 will be Memorial Day Weekend, May 25 – 28, 2017 at the Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix. More info at .


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