The trailer for “Justice League Dark” is here!


justice-league-dark-211549It has been a busy year for the DC Animated Universe. Earlier this summer, Batman: The Killing Joke debuted with a special theater screening, and now Justice League Dark is preparing to bewitch fans with an early 2017 release. Warner Bros. Animation has been plugging the gritty film at events like New York Comic Con. And, now, the studio has gifted fans with the first full trailer for Justice League Dark.

The trailer is just under two minutes, but it packs in plenty of action. The footage shows the Justice League scrambling to end a global phenomena being caused by dark magic. People all over the world are being plagued with twisted nightmares and visions, and the Justice League is at a loss. However, Batman believes John Constantine is just the man who can help end the crisis – and so begins the story of Justice League Dark. Constantine recruits the help of characters like Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, and Etrigan the Demon to help the Justice League take down their supernatural enemy.

For those of you who paid attention to the trailer, you might have noticed something particular about the film. It seems like Justice League Dark will follow after The Killing Joke and bear an R-rating due to “disturbing violence.” Clearly, when you are messing with the occult and demonic forces, some messed up things can go down.

Justice League Dark is directed by Jay Olivia with its story penned by J.M DeMatteis and Ernis Altbacker. James Tucker will act as supervising producer while Benjamin Melniker, Michael Uslan, and Sam Reigester will executive producer.

When it comes to casting, Justice League Dark nabbed several big names from the DC Animated Universe. Jason O’Mara will voice Batman while Matt Ryan will play Constantine. Zatanna will be voiced by Camilla Luddington, Deadman by Nicholas Turturro, and Etrigan by Ray Chase. Rosario Dawson will play Wonder Woman, and Superman will be voiced by Jerry O’Connell.

For those of you unfamiliar with Justice League Dark, it was basically introduced during DC’s New 52, and as you saw in the trailer, consists of the more magical side of the Justice League roster, as well as the darker side. The lineup consists of John Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Enchantress, Shade the Changing Man.

Is the world of animation a perfect setting for Justice League Dark? Is the R-rating a good idea for this film? Given the dark and supernatural tones of this film, does the R-rating serve as an excuse for the animators and story tellers to go extremely dark and violent? Is this a bad marketing move, or do the executives at Warner Bros. feel that there is an almost untapped adult comic book/animation audience out there?
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