Jodie Foster Returns in a Sci-Fi Thriller

jodieAfter taking a long break from acting, our favorite Clarice Starling is making her way back to the big screen. Ms. Jodie Foster is set to star in the upcoming science fiction based thriller, Hotel Artemis. The film is based upon an original script by creative head, Drew Pearce. Pearce also worked on Godzilla, Iron Man 3, and MI: Rogue Nation.

Foster is set to play a character named ‘The Nurse’ in what’s said to be a near future crime thriller based on an original script. With Foster starring and the term “original” being thrown around, this will be a nice reprieve from all the franchise properties we’ve been getting lately.

Jodie Foster has received two Academy Awards in the past for Silence of the Lambs and The Accused. Hopefully, this will be a return to form for the über talented actress.

Does the fact that Jodie Foster wishes to be in this film speak well about the project itself? Are you a fan of her work, or does she not impress you with her performances?
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