You’ll be dying to check into “Hotel of the Damned” after watching this trailer!

hoteldamned3-e1480515717670Horror has a long history of hanging out in haunted hotels, those evil abodes where transient souls drift in and out and engage in transgressions that they hope will never follow them home. But they often do. Look at The Shining, Motel Hell, Psycho, The Beyond et al. No, hotels, motels and inns stand like the keepers of secrets and they are indeed easily perverted by the genre into something scary.

Next up on the creepy hotel list is Bobby Barbacioru’s Hotel of the Damned, a new shocker starring Peter Dobson (The Frighteners) and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) that releases on VOD on December 6th from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Would you like to know what is best of all? The movie is scripted by Empire Pictures legend Luca Bercovicci, the director of Ghoulies and star of Charles Band’s Parasite!


Synopsis: No use hanging up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign here. After a car accident and stranded in the middle of nowhere, an ex-con and his daughter find themselves in an abandoned hotel, populated by sub-human cannibalistic creatures. Is it check-out time, already!?

Hotel of the Damned co-stars Manuela Harabor, Oltin Hurezeanu, Roxana Luca, Bogdan Marhodin, Valentin Petrisor, Natalia Mateut, Florin Kevorkian, and Dimitrina Zhivkova.

Check out the exclusive clip from the flick below and watch the official trailer below that…

Is this your kinda horror movie? Has the movie industry been moving away from horror movies of this nature? If this type of movie scares you, what is it about this sub-genre of horror that affects you in this way?
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