Netflix to start going HDR

The streaming service Netflix will be re-releasing several of its hit series in an HDR format for an improved viewing experience.

The first series to receive the treatment will be Marvel’s Daredevil, with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to follow up with the High Dynamic Range improvements.

“We’ve been in partnership with Netflix and Dolby and Marvel in really being the cutting edge of doing HDR,” said Domenic Rom, President of Deluxe TV Post. “Everybody sort of takes a step back. When you guys see what it can do, it’s absolutely amazing for the filmmakers, for the TV creators, for everyone. It opens up, visually, a new world.”

As for what the HDR re-release will change, “basically, everything, after a camera goes through a color correction process,” according to Jay Tilin, Vice President of Editorial Services and Deluxe TV Post.

“What that means is shot to shot, scene to scene, everything is adjusted such that it helps to tell the story and is pleasing to the eye,” Tilin said.

Ultimately, the High Dynamic Range re-release of certain shows at premiere release of future series will offer “much brighter images and a wide range of colors on a television screen.”

Currently available on Netflix are two seasons of Marvel‘s Daredevil and the first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Coming up in March is Iron Fist starring Finn Jones as the titular hero with The Punisher and The Defenders expected to arrive back to back before the new year comes to a close.

A re-release date for Daredevil in HDR has not been revealed.

Does this process of “upgrading” these shows in HDR seem like a worthwhile venture? Are you interested in what the result might look like?
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