Jerry Bruckheimer to further explore sci-fi genre with “Origin”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been making memorable movies and TV shows for the past few decades. However, with a few exceptions (like Armageddon and the Pirates of the Caribbean films), he’s mostly stayed away from science fiction and fantasy. Now, he’s teaming up with one of his Pirates directors on a sci-fi film called Origin.

Deadline reports that Bruckheimer and the co-director of the upcoming fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, Joachim Rønning, just sold the pitch to Paramount. What’s Origin about? Like most high-priced science fiction ideas, they’re keeping the story under wraps. Only that it’s “a contemporary big-scale high concept science fiction premise with franchise potential.” Anyone else surprised?

More than Rønning being involved (in addition to directing, he’ll also write the script with his brother, Andreas Rønning), it’s Bruckheimer doing a new genre film that has us most intrigued here. Bruckheimer doing anything, frankly, is noteworthy, and if his latest project happens to involve space, technology, science, robots, and all the other stuff we love, that’s even better.

We here at TG2 Studios will be watching very closely for any news regarding Origin.

Given what Jerry Bruckheimer has produced, do you think he can produce a worthwhile science fiction movie as he suggests? Should he just stick with what he knows he can do?
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