New mysterious trailer from A24

There are only a handful of entertainment companies whose logos feel like a genuine promise of quality and A24 is one of them. Since their modest start in 2013, they have become an independent film powerhouse, regularly distributing some of the best movies released in a given year. Just look at some of the movies they released in 2016: Moonlight, Green Room, Swiss Army Man, The Witch, American Honey, 20th Century Women, and The Lobster.

So now they have unveiled another trailer, which is very mysterious, has no title, and has been unannounced. This is enough to make the most hardcore of science fiction fans to sit up and take notice.

“What is this project? How and when will people get a chance to see it?”

Those questions will have to remain unanswered for now, as this footage offers only mystifying images and strange phrases without a hint of character or plot.

What we do get is something that looks weird, and artistically beautiful, perhaps like a THX-1138 meets Ex Machina (another stellar A24 release). If A24 decided this is something worthy of their attention, then perhaps it is worthy of EVERYONE’S attention.

It is worth noting that this teaser was originally uploaded to YouTube with the title “TOR TSR WITNESS,” just in case anyone happens to know what that is supposed to mean.

Transforming new movies and television shows into “mystery” events has become increasingly common over the past couple of years, feeling like a healthy rejection of the expensive blockbusters that begin advertising before a single frame has been shot. Audience goers saw it last year with 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was announced with a teaser trailer only a few months before it hit theaters. Netflix played a similar game with The OA, keeping the show behind a shroud of secrecy before releasing the first trailer mere days before the first season arrived. This mystery/surprise tactic has seemingly worked out well for both of them, leading to a sudden surge in interest that didn’t have time to be deflated by overexposure.

It remains to be seen what A24 is hiding here. It could be a top-secret movie from a highly successful filmmaker fans already love. It could be the promising debut of a new filmmaker and A24 is playing a smart game to get us all interested.

In any case, we here at TG2 Studios are very interested in what is going on here, and we’ll be sure to pass on any news as it comes our way.

Well played A24!

What are your thoughts when watching this trailer? Does this look like a real trailer for a legitimate film? Or does this look like some sort of experiment just to gauge viewers’ reactions?
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