Latest trailer for “Logan” shows two Wolverines are better than one!

The latest trailer for Logan has just dropped, and it gives us a significantly different tone than the previous trailer released late last year. It doesn’t necessarily give us any new information that hasn’t already been reported on, but we do get to see some new action sequences that simply has us here at TG2 Studios saying “DAAYYYUUUMMMM!!!!!!” While the first trailer had the feel of being something of a tragic movie, this one has more emphasis on the action. Check it out for yourself!

Speaking in terms of tone, which trailer did you prefer? Does this new trailer signal that maybe the movie is taking a different approach than what audiences may have first thought? What type of movie would you like to see this be? Do you want it to be a tragedy, or more of an action film with some humor? Or do you just want an over the top bloody, violent movie?
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