Mark Hamill to provide his voice for new “Lovecraftian” animated film.

Mark Hamill might be best known for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series of films, but he is equally beloved in geekdom for his voice acting contributions as the Joker in various Batman-related media.

Next he’ll return to the booth, as Deadline announced, joining the production of animated film Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom.

The film is the second in the series, based on the comics of the same name by Bruce Brown and Dwight L. MacPherson, following Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Wastelands. The stories blend fact and fiction, creating a narrative from moments in the author H.P. Lovecraft’s life and mixing it with aspects of his fiction, including meeting his own famed and horrific creations such as Cthulhu.

Hamill joins legendary actor Christopher Plummer and the former Hellraiser Doug Bradley in the animated picture from Shout! Factory and Arcana. Horror and animation voice-over actor Jeffrey Combs also joining the cast.

Hamill has been cast as Dr. Henry Armitage and Combs as King Abdul, joining Plummer and Bradley who reprise their roles from the first film as Dr. Herbert West and Nyarlathotep respectively.

The film is expected to be released later in 2017.

Are you a fan of Mark Hamill’s voice work? More importantly, what are your thoughts about this new series that he will be voicing for? Does it sound like a good, respectful treatment of Lovecraft’s work, or does it sound more like “Cthulu For Kids?”
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