BREAKING NEWS: Teri Hatcher to join “Supergirl” is just now reporting that Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman, Desperate Housewives) has been cast in what is being described as a “mysterious role that will go on to become the big bad of season 2” for the series Supergirl.

It does sort of serve as a Lois & Clark reunion given that actor Dean Cain (Clark Kent from Lois & Clark) plays Supergirl’s/Kara Danvers’ adopted father. Of course the big question would be if the two will actually share some screen time, but for now it is just too early to tell.

Andrew Kreisberg had this to say regarding Hatcher coming on board the popular CW show:

“No offense to any of the wonderful actresses who have also played the part, but Teri Hatcher is my all time favorite Lois Lane. To have her come back to the SuperWorld in a completely diferent part is an unbelievable gift to me, Greg, and the fans.”

There isn’t any word yet as to when Hatcher will appear on Supergirl, but as soon as we here at TG2 Studios learn more we will be sure to pass it on to all of you!

Teri Hatcher with Ben Ragunton of the Two Gay Geeks

How great is this news? Are you a fan of Teri Hatcher? Now that we have seen numerous actors from a variety of older superhero shows take part in the CW superhero universe, who else would you like to see appear and a carve a permanent place for themselves?
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