“Mad Max” to direct “Suicide Squad” sequel?

In a move that is sure to make comic book geeks and movie fans scratch their collective heads for years to come, Warner Bros. and DC have decided to seek out Mel Gibson as someone they would like to direct their next Suicide Squad movie. Yes, the actor turned director, who during the 80’s and early 90’s was one of the hottest leading men and talents in the movie industry, who then sort of went a wee bit bonkers with his antics and rants, is now being approached to handle a super hero movie property.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros has approached Gibson about directing Suicide Squad 2 and they’re in early talks. Nothing has been finalized; according to Variety, besides Gibson, other directors including Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) are also being considered. Honestly, the likelihood of Gibson actually coming onboard is pretty small, but the key thing is they’re considering him.

Gibson has been enjoying some success again due to Hacksaw Ridge, which does have several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. However, many people might feel that these recent positive turns would only pale next to the all of the negative press he has received that nearly ended his career. He has been accused of using some pretty ugly derogatory terms towards various different groups of people, as well as having said a number of things that are unquestionably anti-Semitic.

Again, the odds of him landing this gig are small, but it’s the fact that Warner Bros. actually offered this man such a high profile directing job that needs to be called into question. Warner’s has definitely been having problems of its own with their comic book films, but the serious consideration that Gibson is receiving is possibly a new low for the studio.

Are you a fan of Mel Gibson? Do you think he has the directing chops to handle the sequel to Suicide Squad? What do you think about Warner Bros. seeking him out? Could this be an indication that their comic book movie franchises are in more serious trouble than anyone previously thought?
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