Red Band “Alien: Covenant” trailer is here, and with a few new surprises


The latest trailer for Alien: Covenant finally gets the Red Band treatment, showing more gore, action, and, of course, bad language, than the original trailer revealed.

Alien: Covenant picks up years after the ill-fated journey in Prometheus left off, finally revealing what happened to that film’s two survivors.

While Noomi Rapace is set to reprise her role in what’s thought to be a cameo, Michael Fassbender makes a significant return in this film. Not only will he reprise his character David, but he’ll also play a different android that arrives on the “paradise” planet with the colonization crew of the Covenant.

While the planet appears to be able to sustain human life, it also seems to be the habitat for deadly organisms that gestate in the human body before ripping it to shreds, becoming a full-grown monster, and then eating everyone else in sight.

Par the course for Alien, but if director and series creator Ridley Scott sticks to the original game plan it should still be an entertaining film.

Alien: Covenant will be released in theaters on May 19.

Does this trailer start to feel more like the world of Alien that Ridley gave us in 1979? Is this less Prometheus and more of the terrifying world that we have been wanting to see?
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