Original Cybermen are coming back to haunt your nightmares!


While we have seen the Cybermen semi-regularly since the return of Doctor Who back in 2006, they never managed to recapture that proto-Borg look that horrified viewers back in 1966 when they were first introduced in the classic episode “The Tenth Planet.” After several run ins with the Second Doctor, they finally returned in the Fourth Doctor episode “Revenge of the Cybermen,” and from that time on they looked less and less human and becoming more like some villainous breed of Iron Man. With that the terrifying nature of the Cybermen also vanished quicker than a dematerializing TARDIS. They simply ended up becoming another monster of the week… Until now!!!

The BBC has officially announced that the original Cybermen from the planet Mondas will be appearing in episodes 11 and 12 of Peter Capaldi’s final season of Doctor Who.

Although the Cybermen have become a staple of the show almost as much as the Daleks, this original design of Cyberman has never been seen since their debut story, which some fans have lamented because, as retro as they might look in 2017, those same long time fans, and possibly even new ones, might find these Mondasian Cybermen to be the creepiest incarnation of the metallic cyborg monsters in all of Doctor Who’s history.


Created by Gerry Davis and Who’s unofficial scientific adviser, Dr. Kit Pedler, the Cybermen were meant to originally play on the fear of body modification and artificial enhancement, and their design reflected that. Instead of being clad in steel armor as they were when Doctor Who brought them back in 2006, they were a bizarre mix of flesh and silver: pallid, mushy organic hands reaching out from a rubbery body, and a strange, unmoving face unnervingly draped in a tight fabric to give them an almost skull-like quality. Even their voices were downright creepy: a Mondasian Cyberman’s mouth would open wide, and then never move as a distorted, sing-song electronic voice spooled out of it. The concept behind the Cybermen has always been scary, but the design of the originals is really the only one that’s come close to making that fear and discomfort a tangible aspect of the characters.

Doctor Who’s 10th season is set to begin on BBC One and BBC America on April 15th.

Are you glad to see this VERY classic version of the Cybermen making a return to Doctor Who? Did you ever watch any of the older episodes when there was still some organic aspect to their appearance? Did you have a favorite Cybermen episode from that time? Do you prefer the more robotic version of the Cybermen as the series has most recently presented?
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