Trailer for “Krypton” SyFy series is here!

SyFy has premiered the long anticipated trailer for the series Krypton.

Set 200 years prior to Man Of Steel, this series shows the planet Krypton at the height of their cultural glory, and the series is about Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El.

Little is known if this series will be tied in to any aspect of the DC Cinematic Universe, but odds are it will stand on its own, much the same way that Gotham has no ties to any other DC/WB property on either big or small screen, despite the similar look it has to Man Of Steel.

The series stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, and through him we learn of the nobility that is associated with the House of El. The other leading role is played by Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod. Where the House of Zod’s political loyalties lie has yet to be determined.

The series will be premiering on SyFy later in 2017.
Does this series look good to you, or does the fact that this series deals with non-super powered people (since it does take place on Krypton) feel more like just another socio-political intrigue series except set on a different planet?

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