“Kingsman 2” sees release date moved up, but just a bit…

A few months ago we reported that a tweet from @BoxOffice stated that Alien: Covenant had its release date moved up, while Kingsman: The Golden Circle would have its release pushed back. That has now changed as Fox Studios chose to move the release date for the anticipated sequel.

The reason for this move initially appeared to be because of the release of Blade Runner 2049, as the studio doesn’t want to see Kingsman go head to head with the likes of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. So moving the movie up a week would give it a full seven days without direct competition, but now the studio, for reasons still undisclosed, has chosen to move the film up TWO weeks and give it a September 22 release, hopefully giving this movie 14 days without any box office challengers. Whatever the reason may be for this move (more time to recoup money unchallenged, uncertainty as to whether or not the movie can perform, etc.), fans of the first film will get to return to the world of spies, sex, and adventure only that much sooner!

However, the excitement for the new movie doesn’t stop there! Star Taron Egerton released a VERY brief clip through Twitter, announcing to fans that the trailer will be debuted tomorrow!

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, with their headquarters destroyed and the world held hostage, members of Kingsman find new allies when they discover a spy organization in the United States known as Statesman. In an adventure that tests their strength and wits, the elite secret agents from both sides of the pond band together to battle a ruthless enemy and save the day, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy. The titular “Golden Circle” is a secret society bent on world domination.

Principal photography for Kingsman: The Golden Circle began in May 2016 in Birmingham. Filming wrapped in September 2016, though on location shoots were still taking place into December.

Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn returns to helm the sequel. Kingsman: The Golden Circle stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Elton John, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has had a few release dates, first in June and then in October, but the film is now officially scheduled to open in theaters on Sept. 22, 2017.

For starters, what are your thoughts regarding the shifting of a release date for this movie? Is it all innocent business planning, or do you think the studio may have concerns? What about the clip? Brief as it is, are you curious enough to want to check out the full trailer when it comes out tomorrow?

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