Dark and Humorous Thriller, B & B, To Be Premiered In the U.S.

[Edited] The Two Gay Geeks have learned from our friend, Patricia Chica, that a new film, B&B, is to be premiered in the U.S. on April 28th at the Miami LGBT Film Festival. This film has a good slate of cast and crew that some of our following may be interested in; Joe Ahearne is the Director, and as some may recognize, he directed five episodes of Doctor Who. That is not the only Doctor Who alum as Paul McGann is starring in the film as well. The rest of the cast; Tom Bateman, Sean Teale, Callum Woodhouse, and James Tratas are all staples of stage and screen, not to mention Producer Jayne Chard. This film has a wonderful pedigree.
B&B is billed as a blackly humorous, whip-smart thriller. And the brief synopsis reads: Marc and Fred sued a Christian guesthouse owner for refusing them a
double bed and now they’re back to celebrate their win. They get much more than they bargained for when a Russian thug checks in…
Hmmmm, sounds interesting.

Statement for the Director

Here is some background from the director, Joe Ahearne: I love Hitchcock and all manner of suspense thrillers and I wanted to do a thriller where there’s a lightness of touch but shocking intensity where you need it. Films that reconciled those wildly variant tones include Blood Simple and Shallow Grave. They had you on the edge of your seat but knew when to allow a laugh. Good suspense is inextricably linked to humour – the thriller experience should be full of enjoyment of the conceit, not dread that you’re going to be harrowed out of your mind. Hitchcock called Psycho a black comedy. It’s possible to do both.
He goes on to give us some insights into the way he made this film: The suspense genre stands or falls on identification and the building block of that is the grammar of the point-of-view shot.
So the camera is frequently positioned directly in the place of the lead actors to yield direct point-of-view shots. This is the most emotionally arresting technique for making the audience go through what the characters are experiencing. And limiting the point of view is also great for increasing suspense by rationing information. What you don’t show is what they don’t know and that’s where the fun comes in. The domestic environment becomes energized by the looking which goes on, and who’s doing it. The film thrives on argument and bickering, juxtaposed with the male gaze. I love it when dialogue is used as background. Once we find something interesting to look at, the dialogue falls away to chatter. None of the key situations are resolved with a kind word. Closure requires something more cinematic – like a knife.
I see this as a black comedy thriller about two guys who take a holiday for a joke, which goes badly, seriously, terribly wrong. As the stakes amplify, the last thing they lose is their sense of humour. Imagine the couple from ‘Withnail and I’ checked into the Bates Motel.

The trailer:

Photo Credit – Nick Wall ©Band B Films Ltd

IMDb info

This is the IMDb storyline: Gay Londoners Mike and Fred plan a weekend of mischief, returning to bait the prosecuted owner of a remote Christian B&B. The year before they had successfully sued the owner for not allowing them to share a bed. Events take a deadly turn when another guest arrives, who they think might have something sinister in mind. Their weekend of fun turns into a bloody battle for survival in this smart, brutally funny and dark thriller.

From the Press Release:

Marc and Fred exercise their civil rights by checking in at a B&B run by devout Christian Jeff and his teenage son Paul. Jeff has already been successfully sued after he refused them a double bed. Our heroes have come back to demonstrate who’s in the minority now. All goes to plan until a thuggish Russian checks in. Is Alex a fellow gay campaigner or a neo-Nazi come to support homophobia overseas? The gag quickly runs sour as our couple begin to fear they’ve been set up for a beating. A terrifying death occurs but not the one we’ve been expecting. When Marc and Fred uncover a cold-blooded murder they realize they’re next.

We are very excited about seeing this film and we should have a review up on Friday for the release of the film.

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