Mirai, a young Japanese-Australian girl, is about to have the worst birthday ever! But, if she survives the day, she just might make new friends and have a completely new life! Mirai is like a historical Cardcaptor Sakura mixed in with elements of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. It has a strong environmental message. Teaches kids about Japanese culture beyond the Samurai, Karate and Geisha.

The manga was given beautiful illustrations by the up-and-coming coming comic artist Kana Takamura, and the art direction was overseen by Kenichi Takahashi, Broadway scenic designer who worked on “Present Laughter” and other Tony-nominated musicals.

“Mirai: Worst Birthday Ever!” was written by Hamish Downie, the screenwriter of the multi-award winning short film An American Piano, which was shown at TIFF Kids 2015.

Hamish is an Australian writer based in Japan for 11 years and counting. He has also directed music videos for world music diva Robyn Loau (Never Let You Down), and co-wrote and produced the Silent Hill fan film, Silent Hill: Stolen Heart which was featured on the Kotaku website.

This is his first comic book. Previews can be downloaded directly from Amazon: amazon.com/Mirai-Worst-Birthday-English-Version-ebook/dp/B06Y4847BK/. Readers can purchase the comic from the same link.

For more information on Hamish, he can be found here: Facebook @hamishdowniewriter Instagram @hamishdowniewritier Twitter @hamishdownie Website: hamishdownie.com
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