CANNES 2017: Queer film “Morning After” curated by the Creative Mind Group during the Festival de Cannes


The Two Gay Geeks have received the Press Release below from one of our favorite directors and friend, Patricia Chica.
In the spirit of full disclosure, we are Associate Producers on this film. We are very excited about this film and the message it conveys and will have a review ready shortly.




The Creative Mind Group
selects “Morning After” to screen
in their Festival de Cannes’ Top Shorts Showcase


(Los Angeles, CA) – May 17th, 2017. Morning After directed by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica, written by Kristian Hodko and produced by Patricia Chica and Byron A. Martin has been selected to be a part of the 2017 Creative Minds – Festival de Cannes – Programming Block. The Creative Mind Group, founded by Rob Ford, has curated a special presentation of the best international short films at the film market and has included Morning After in their Cannes’ lineup.


May 26th, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.
Palais des Festivals, Theatre Olympia 2
Cannes, France
In the presence of the cast and crew


Morning After is a bold and playful drama that explores the subject of sexual fluidity and human desire. This poignant and moving coming-of-age tale perfectly captures the challenges and tribulations of five friends who decide to explore their sexuality and realize that they may not fall within societies’ clean-cut lines.

“I wanted to speak about human connection, energy and sexual enlightenment from a fresh perspective other than the LGBTQ or heterosexual’s points of view. I wanted to make a film about desire and arousal that would go beyond the conventional physical realm… a deeper and perhaps more spiritual approach to sexuality, self-expression and self-acceptance. Morning After presented the perfect opportunity for me to hit all of these narrative targets in one single project,” says director Patricia Chica.

Morning After stars five bright rising actors – Thomas Vallières (Game of Death),Zoé de Grand Maison (Orphan Black), Joey Scarpellino (The Parents), Jordana Lajoie (Patrice Lemieux 24/7) and Kristian Hodko (The Howling: Reborn) who also wrote the script.

“I don’t think sexual fluidity is such a new thing. Be it for religious or historical reasons, it’s something that we’ve blocked off,” adds lead actor Thomas Vallières who is presently doing a masters degree at LAMDA, the prestigious drama school in London, England.

Morning After is directed and edited by Patricia Chica; Written by Kristian Hodko; Executive Producers: Marc Carle and Juan Grey; Producers: Patricia Chica (Quebec) and Byron A. Martin (Ontario); Co-Executive Producers: Raj Maan, Jessica Moreno, Lisa Powers, Tariq Rahman, and Andrew Wong; Line Producer: Kathy Wolf; Associate Producers: Lily Spencer, Keith Lane, Ben Ragunton, Dany Gange, Kevin T. Peterson, Rome Keshav Chopra, Bhavna Singh, Richard Duquette, and Bonni Ellis; Cinematographer: Martin Bouchard; Colourist: Nicolas Fournier; Art Director: Alexandre Piedon; VFX: Henry Lipatov; Sound: Bruno Carrières; Re-recording Mixer: Giulio Wehrli; Costumes: Josée Métivier; Makeup Artists: Steph Miramontes and Larysa Chernienko.

Morning After will soon be playing at a film festival near you. World rights are presently available. To find out more about the touring dates, please visit its social media sites:

TWITTER: @PatriciaChica
HASHTAG: #MorningAfterMovie

All Photos courtesy of Flirt Films.



Michael just came back to his hometown after spending two years abroad. His friend Edward has organized a welcome party in his honor. While only knowing Edward, Michael quickly becomes friendly with the rest of the gang as they get involved in a provocative game of chocolate tasting and French-kissing.

The openness of the group makes Michael come face to face with a dilemma he’s had for quite some time; of not only questioning his own sexuality, but the notion of sexual identity as a whole, and are labels really necessary?

After a storm that leaves them soaked in the middle of the night, Michael finds the answer to all his questions, the Morning After.


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