Phoenix Comicon 17 Day Three

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this convention for three full days now. In some respects it feels like we’ve been here forever, but in others it feels like no time has passed at all.

Today was a different kind of day. We had friends join us (family of four) for the festivities today, and since there weren’t any panels that they were interested in seeing we found ourselves mostly in either the Hall of Heroes or the Exhibitor’s Hall.

As we have mentioned previously in our Facebook Live segments (we have one more at 9:00 AM Sunday morning), the number of vendors and exhibitors has grown so huge that they’ve actually moved some of them up to the Hall of Heroes alongside where the autographs and photos with the celebrities are located. Just walking through here alone can be somewhat awe inspiring, and the oldest son of the family that joined us simply responded with “Whoa” when he stepped inside the hall. Many of the vendors who create and market their own work are located here (this is where Tony Kim of Hero Within set up his display and where we interviewed him for our last episode), as well as booths for scientific education, Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff had a booth, as well as displays set up by cosplay groups were here. This room alone took at least a couple of hours to go through.

We later made our way down to the Exhibitor’s Hall, but before going in there we stopped by the display for Arizona Opera’s Hercules vs. the Vampires to show our friends as well as to get some fun photos!

Afterwards we entered into the Exhibitor’s Hall where our friends were reunited with friends of their own, as well as finding the tables of both Brian Augustyn and Dave Beatty. Brian was scheduled to host his own super geek comic book trivia panel (which sadly we could not attend), and Dave was showing off some of his work of the Autistic Superhero, Focus.

After taking a break (and our friends elected to call it a day) we took a brief respite in preparation of the evening to come, and that being the panel “Evening Erotica with Gini Koch” that we were asked to attend and record for posterity (if that’s what you want to call it). The evening was absolutely madcap. This panel was very much for 18 years and older, and it was in the form of a game, basically come up with the best sex euphemism for some random theme (Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Disney, etc.), and all for the opportunity to win prizes. We had some special guests join us for most of the evening. The Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence graced us with their presence. We had great fun, and we started recording it prior to the beginning of the panel itself. We used our mobile recording equipment so the sound will be a bit “echoey,” but it is listenable.

It was a long panel (Almost three hours!), so when it was done we just knew that we had to call it a day.

We just received the awards list from the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival:
(links are to IMDb entry)
Best of the Festival Winner: Diani And Devine Meet the Apocalypse
Best of the Festival 2nd Place: Pearl
Best of the Festival 3rd Place: The Ningyo
Best Horror FilmHidden Daylight
Best Animated FilmLess Than Human
Best Student FilmDear Death
Best Comedy FilmHope
Best DramaNimbostratus
Best Fan FilmThe Secret of Tatooine
Best Sci-Fi FilmCXL
Best Arizona FilmRemnants

Honorable Mentions
The 60 Yard Line
Embers and Dust

Phoenix Comicon Film Fest, “1,000 congratulations to ALL of our filmmakers. The line up this year is incredible and it was an honor to work with you all!”

We also loaned out our studio to our friend Chuck Tomasi of Technorama. He attended a film in the Film Festival and was able to interview some of the cast and crew of The 60 Yard Line.
Here is the website for the film

The 60 Yard Line Squad (and Chuck)

-End Edit-

One final thought… Friday was the first day of the new security measure that had been put in place, and everyone understood that this was necessary. However, the organizers had time to think about this now because when the doors opened on Saturday we found ourselves at the end of a long line that managed to make it up to the front door of the convention center in about 15 minutes time (If only Disneyland could run their lines that fast!). This is a testament to the event organizers and the crowd for being so flexible and understanding given the current situation.
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