The Two Gay Geeks have just learned that one of our favorite shows, Sense8, has been revived for a finale two hour episode after being surreptitiously cancelled by Netflix at the beginning of June.
Show creator Lana Wachowski posted a heartfelt letter on the Sense8 Facebook page some two hours or so ago as of this publication.
You can view the letter below:

This news comes as a surprise to almost everyone, considering that Netflix was unwilling to even talk about continuing the groundbreaking series and even said apologetically, “We’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t.”

We couldn’t be happier as the series was just beginning to hit its’ stride in emotional impact and acceptance themes. It was unfortunate that the series was so expensive to produce with the country hopping of each episode. For those not in the know, each scene that required the characters to be in separate countries was filmed complete on location in each of the countries and then woven together in the editing booth. That was why some episodes clocked in at over $9 million. Although it appears that they would be saving money based on the last episode to air given that all of the characters appeared to be in the same place.

We look forward to a thoughtful wrap up or, at the very least, a reasonable parting of ways of our favorite cluster. The finale is expected to air in 2018.
Sense8 can be viewed on the online streaming service Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, you should.
What do you think about this revelation? What was your initial reaction to the cancellation?
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