Evening Erotica with Gini Koch at WesterCon 70

The Two Gay Geeks were on hand at WesterCon 70 to record the Evening Erotica with Gini Koch Panel. This panel is more about euphemisms than erotic or explicit descriptions for everything from body parts to the act itself. And to add a twist, a category of fandom is chosen such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and even Disney. In the category the contestant has to give a euphemism for the specific act or body part in the context of the fandom category. Did I say contestant, why yes, I did. There were lots of prizes given out, in fact everyone in the room left with something.

Joining Gini on the panel was author Tom Leveen, Joseph Gaxiola, Keith and the panel was moderated by Edward Pulley.

Thanks to everyone who attended the panel, we hope you had fun. And thank you for listening here, we hope you enjoy this wild thing as much as we enjoyed making it.


This recording is definitely Not Safe for Work

In fact, it is probably Not Safe for a Lot of People – You Have been warned

Running time: 2:43:51 FYI

The audio quality is better this time than our last outing, however, there are still moments where folks were not speaking directly into the microphone so, please forgive any trouble spots.

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