The Justice League have arrived with a BIG Trailer!!!


Warner Bros. has been very busy here at Comic-Con International in San Diego! Given the low presence for anything of a movie nature for Marvel, Warner Bros. saw this as a golden opportunity to really start hyping their own brand of superheroes, and they held back no punches with this new Justice League trailer that has just been released.

Picking up shortly after the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailer clearly gives a very epic look into the DC universe, as the action not only takes place in Gotham City, but also on the island of Themyscira. Children of the old Gods in battle against the New Gods? The trailer has lots of voice overs, including one that could be thought of as Darkseid, plus there appears to be plenty of Steppenwolf here.

But this trailer isn’t all dour, as the people at Warner Bros. have understood that the fans love humor as well, and this trailer clearly shows that… Do you want to see it for yourself?

What did you think? What is your take on this new trailer.
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