So the final day for Comic-Con International in San Diego finally arrived, and to say that we were tired is more than just an understatement. Any Comic-Con can be an exhausting adventure, but Comic-Con here in San Diego is unlike anything either of us have ever experienced. We had been warned repeatedly at the enormity of it all, but nothing in your brain can prepare you for the enormity this convention really is.

I mention this because we had planned on getting to the Convention Center relatively early, but that wasn’t going to happen. Due to coming back to our base of operations extremely late the night before, we ended up getting a late start. There was still the report covering Day Two here, so we didn’t get out of the house until 12:00 Noon.

The big Warner Bros. event was still going on in Hall H, and we had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be able to get in. However, that didn’t stop us from following Twitter for any important news, and while we were having breakfast we learned of the new trailer for the film Ready Player One. Given the size of the trailer we quickly finished breakfast and made our way back to our base so that we could report on it. At that same time there was another Hall H trailer being dropped, so we quickly got all of the pertinent details and then wrote up another report featuring the trailer for Justice League. Once we had that done it was time to quickly pack up, get on the trolley and make our way down to the Convention Center.

Once we arrived we set out to try to see John Barrowman during his autograph session. We got in line to meet with him in the hopes of jogging his memory from when I interviewed both him and his sister over Skype. When we started to get to the front of the line, much to my surprise, I saw John’s sister, Carole. I greeted her and she immediately remembered me and was all smiles… I was determined to take this as a good omen… From there we met up with John, who was understandably tired (If we were tired I can only imagine as to how exhausted he must have been), but being the professional that he is he still put on a brave face, chatted us up a bit and then remembered me from that same interview.

Once we were done with John we made our way back down to the Exhibitor’s Hall because there was a special signing with some of the cast of one our favorite movies from the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival last year, that being Beyond the Gates.

They were signing posters, and we were thrilled that the cast members actually remembered us from the Blu-Ray release party a couple of months ago.

We conversed with them for several minutes when we chose to go upstairs to the Pro Lounge to relax and meet up with some other professionals attending the convention, and while there the news of Star Trek: Discovery with its own panel and trailer began to circulate. Now it’s time to write another report! Luckily, perhaps through being here at Comic-Con International, we were able to learn of all of those news stories and stay ahead of the mainstream news sources, so chalk up several victories for us! Shortly after that we met up with Neil Halford his lovely wife Jana, and another guest who was a long time friend of Neil’s for some dinner.

After spending a delightful dinner we made our farewells and came back to our base so that this report could be written up. So what do we take away from our time down here in San Diego for Comic-Con? Well basically you need to choose your battles in terms of what you’re going to see and do. The convention is way too big for you to see and enjoy everything. This year we had our sights set on smaller fare, but we understand the awesomeness that attending either Hall H or Ballroom 20 can bring, and while it would have been amazing if we could have attended anything from those rooms, we knew full well that we couldn’t make the time. That is how it needs to be for everyone who attends here. If you ever want to come down and have a good time at Comic-Con, do the research ahead of time and decide how you’re going to spend your time down here. We can guarantee that if you do this you will have an exhausting, but rewarding experience.
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