The Two Gay Geeks have come across a trailer for a new series in development. When we got the email about the series and the trailer below we were intrigued by the concept. I asked for and got the press release below. We are always looking for new and exciting content from Independent Creators and here we have something very new and exciting. Take a look.


Geek-centric Monkey Kingdom Productions taking a spoonful of glitter and branching out into diversity programming



Monkey Kingdom Productions is excited to release the trailer for its latest production Whatta Lark.  Heartfelt comedy Whatta Lark invites viewers to experience the journey of childless children’s book author Megan Revere when she is forced to choose “will I or won’t I have kids” and turns to drag queen Whatta Lark for advice. Unlike their previous titles which include, Shelf Life, a four season web-series about 4 action figures on a young boy’s shelf, and Con Artists, a feature film about the world of pop-culture conventions from voice-actors touring the con scene, this series focuses on the emotional journey of Megan and Whatta as they deal with complex issues with unusual perspectives and humor.

“We hope that viewers will find Whatta Lark a heartfelt show that juggles the wild ride that huge life decisions offer,” creator and star, Tara Platt, says. “There are timely stories exploring parenthood, life choices, and sexuality that we hope viewers will find on par with other excellent shows such as Speechless and Transparent.”

The team is currently giving audiences only a bite sized taste of the show with a new trailer that is online, but the series follows type-A writer Megan, in an uncharacteristically indecisive place in her life, as she turns to the internet for answers and among the noise discovers a voice of reason and joy, Whatta Lark, a fabulous drag queen and drag “Mother”. As the two new confidants forge an unexpected and yet hilarious friendship, they explore and struggle with the societal norms of masculinity, femininity and motherhood, but the show digs still deeper.

Drag culture has a more human and nurturing side than we’re used to seeing in popular media. Beyond simple entertainment, a part of Whatta’s community defies the norms to create good role models for the next generation of drag performers. And in Megan’s cis-gender basic world, a growing number of women defy intense systemic societal pressure to become mothers.


The team is made up of Emmy winning producer Allison Vanore, Palm-springs Film Fest feature headlining director America Young, actress and series creator Tara Platt and writer Danielle Evenson. Monkey Kingdom Productions is currently taking meetings to find the perfect home for the show to be aired.

Tara notes, “I believe the heartfelt storylines of Whatta Lark appeal to a very wide audience, from women searching for their path in life, to members of the LGBTQ community, to people who enjoy character driven comedy. Our funny show explores life issues with a spoon full of sugar, handfuls of glitter, and the world’s longest fake eyelashes to help the medicine go down.”

Whatta Lark Stars:

Megan Revere – Tara Platt
Whatta Lark/Jason – Christopher Graham (AKA Poppy Fields)
Amy – Charlie Patton
Elisa – Tanya Ihnen
Megan’s Mom Diane – Julie Cobb
Shahana Khurmi, Publisher – Deepti Gupta
Dave – Yuri Lowenthal
Gemma Stone – Jonathan Reinhart (AKA Anita Procedure)
Barbie Wire “Trixie” – Antonio Yee (AKA Vander Von Odd, winner of Dragula Season 1)
Super Fan – Jenny Robinson

Directed by America Young
Written by Danielle Evenson
Created by Tara Platt
Produced by Allison Vanore
Executive Produced by Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal

Whatta Theme Music by Rob Gokee
Costumes by – Antonio Yee
Production Design – Katie Moest
Editing – Robb Padgett
Trailer songs “Reggae” and “Amerika” by Jason Weastell for used with permission

Log Line

A funny glimpse into the world of women and men who perform as women. Web-series Whatta Lark follows childless children’s book author Megan Revere when she is forced to choose “will I or won’t I have kids” and turns to drag queen Whatta Lark for advice. “If you’re lucky, friendship can be a real drag.” Directed by America Young, written by Danielle Evenson, and produced by Monkey Kingdom Productions, Allison Vanore and Tara Platt.

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