TGG in San Diego: Horrible Imaginings’ 8th Annual Film Festival Begins Tonight!

TG Geeks have arrived in San Diego to cover the 8th Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival.

HIFF begins today Sept. 8th, and runs through Sept. 10. We expect to take in some great feature and short films as well as some superb special event programming.

The festival kicks off at the Museum of Photographic Arts at 4pm with The San Diego Creators Spotlight:

4:00pm – 4:40pm UnchartedRegions Radio Drama Premiere
4:40pm – 4:51pm String!
4:51pm – 5:02pm The Creep
5:02pm to 5:11pm The Reunion
5:11pm to 5:19pm That’s Final
5:19pm to 5:44pm Assumption

If you’re not free until after 6 have no fear, Friday programming continues into the evening:

Horror for Humanity Spotlight
6:40pm 6:50pm Yesterday is Tomorrow
6:50pm to 7:07pm Transmission
7:07pm to 7:44pm A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky

Feature Film Block: Midnighters
8:15pm to 8:27pm Short Film: For a Good Time Call…
8:27pm to 9:57 Opening Night Feature: Midnighters
10:20 to 11:30 Reception

Can’t make it tonight? Be sure to take a look at the full roster for the weekend on HIFF website – then grab a movie ticket (or day pass) and come out an explore the dark stories on offer.

We’ll be in attendance the entire weekend getting the low down on what’s new, innovative and exciting coming in genre film.

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