Preview of Upcoming Webcast Episodes

The Two Gay Geeks will be taking a break for the rest of December and into the first part of January but, that does not mean we won’t have content for you. We will have regular content from our contributors and we will be releasing episodes weekly, as usual.
We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks recording interviews, putting the episodes together, and scheduling them so we don’t lose any momentum with all of the exciting things going on in the entertainment industry from Hollywood to Independents.

Upcoming Episode Preview

December 11, 2017 – The Two Gay Geeks chat with friend and author, Jonathan Latt. (released)

December 18, 2017 – The Two Gay Geeks have a fascinating interview with Writer/ Director, Maurice Haeems, about his exciting new scifi thriller, Chimera.

December 25, 2017 – Merry Christmas. We chat with the show runner for the new Disney XD series Black Panther Quest, Geoffrey Thorne. This is cat herding 101 and just the way we like it. We love it when our guests feel comfortable enough to go off on a tangent. 😉

January 1, 2018 – Happy New Year. The Two Gay Geeks talk with a legend of podcasting, Michael R. Mennenga, about how podcasting got started and his experience. Mike was instrumental in the birth of our webcast.

January 6, 2018 – The Two Gay Geeks chat with friend and fellow podcaster, Chuck Tomasi, about how he got his start in podcasting and other geeky goodness.

Please continue to comment on our episodes and articles, we are saving up all the feedback to do a feedback-a-palooza in January.

We want to thank everyone who has been along for the ride this year and we look forward to another year of providing entertainment for you, our loyal listeners. Thank You!

We also want to thank those Independent Creators out there pursuing their dream. We have come to be huge supporters of Independent Creators over the years and we wish to continue our support for and championing their cause. Thank You for your contributions to art in all forms.

Next year we will have a couple of contests for signed copies of Podcasting for Dummies, keep listening. Continue to watch for our reviews, movie trailers, and other news of note. We will continue to have interviews with Independent Creators and we already have several that are in a holding pattern until the new year.

We also want to thank our Contributors. Thanks to Ro, Andrea, and Gini for their input and additional content for our site. We welcome more involvement from them and thank them for their dedication.

Maybe we will win an Emmy some day…….. or at least a Parsec Award.
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