Five Reasons Friday’s All About ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

One more day (officially) until a new crawl once again pulls us into the ever-unfolding action and drama in a galaxy far, far away…


Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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Quick Take: Star Wars: The Last Jedi takes you on a journey of self-discovery and an action-filled bittersweet changing of the guard as it teases great things to come in subtle but epic ways.

Writer/Direct Rian Johnson debut offering to the Star Wars saga kicks the doors in with a story that more than holds its own in the Star Wars cinematic universe.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is 2 hours and 32 minutes of sublime visual storytelling. Seriously this movie is bloodydamn gorgeous.

We here at TGGeeks don’t believe in spoilers, so let’s just run down a few reasons Episode VIII will have you smiling as you head to the box office to purchase a second ticket:

  1. The trademark snark and wit – a staple of the original trilogy – is back and better than ever. There are one-liners, and enough visual hilarity to satisfy the most die-hard of fans.
  2. There’s consistently great dialogue, tragic losses that change the face of the Resistance and unexpected moments of hilarity to carry you through this jam-packed space opera. Their touching camaraderie gets repeatedly put to the test.
  3. The new additions toThe Last Jedi cast kicked the caliber of performances up several notches across the board. Kelly Marie Tran‘s addition to the team broadens the look at who exactly makes up the rebel forces and opens the door to further explore the fighters’ motives and history. Watching Fin come into his own is a whole lot of #blackboyjoy in space. John Boyega does a brilliant job of growing into a warrior worth rooting for.
  4. There are plots within plots and twists around every turn but entire storyline comes together in the end. Johnson’s script pits Poe’s reckless energy and narrow aim of winning the battle against General Leia’s authority, knowledge and the actions she’s willing to take to win the war. This contentious relationship makes a fantastic jumping off point for all the nuanced and subversive messages that make a Star Wars film great.
  5. Rey and Kylo Ren’s story arc – this entire dynamic adds a whole new layer to understanding the role of the Force in the Star Wars universe. It hints and teases at the more mystical elements and the constant combative nature of the pull to the light and dark sides of the Force. Plus, there are some memorable scenes that illustrates the deprh and level of Rey’s badassness.
  6. John Williams’ score is married to the pace and unfolding action perfectly. The touches of iconic themes heighten the tension and call to mind the past adding to the full weight of each moment. It’s not so much about the innovation as it is the sense memory this time around.

Bonus Reason: Benicio del Toro because there should always be a way to cast Benicio in your movie.

The Last Jedi puts a wonderfully talented and eclectic group that as a whole feels representative (and necessary) of an actual populous that found its way into space. It’s done without fanfare or caricatures or pandering. This truly feels like a battle being waged by all the people which only aids in grounded this tale in greatness.

Grade: A

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens nationwide December 15, 2017. Get your tickets now (like you didn’t pre-order) because this is absolutely a must-see in theaters.

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One response to “Five Reasons Friday’s All About ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’”

  1. Liam O'Loughran Avatar
    Liam O’Loughran

    I disagree heavily a long term fan of the saga can’t reconcile this as a Star Wars film. It’s a bad film. The Plot and characters fall to pieces. For instance, why didn’t Hold tell Poe that there was a plan in place? There was no reason stated in the film. Also, why is Rey so hellbent on redeeming Kylo Ren? She is only a plot device that has no discernible character motivations for helping the resistance, and why is she so overpowered, by the way, back to the first act? And Poe is cracking jokes like he doesn’t take the situation seriously! The bombers can’t work in any situation other than in air superiority, and Leia is the one who authorized that attack so she is responsible given she let the mission proceed while knowing full well the casualties would be extensive, like Thecanto Bight subplot. This movie has tone and pacing problems.

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