One of my husband’s and my favorite heroes of the Marvel Universe is Black Panther. While we aren’t as familiar with the comics, we’ve loved the character in animated films and some of the Avenger books. We were hoping the film would be true to the character and have a Wakanda-centric story that spotlights African-inspired characters. We not only got that, we got kick-ass female warriors, a smart and thoughtful hero and a story exemplifying unity.

If you know absolutely nothing about Wakanda or Black Panther, my in-depth review may be “spoiler-lite.”

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Black Panther is now our favorite Marvel movie.

It has such a complexity, such a story that lends empowerment; it stands as an example of jaw-dropping skill from the writers, the director and the actors that like Wonder Woman, it shows that there is no longer an excuse for lack of diversity in film.

Really, the only question is can I have more? With such compelling characters and great writing, I need to see more as soon as humanly possible.

Five out of Five Stars.

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