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The Two Gay Geeks received a Press Release from our good friend, Miguel Rodriguez, Director of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. This is really big news for the film festival community. We will let Miguel’s Press Release speak for itself. So, here goes with the scoop:




The annual celebration of independent macabre cinema and art will uproot from San Diego to explore a new and exciting opportunity in Santa Ana

Santa Ana, CA: Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (HIFF) today announced a move from their most recent home in San Diego to The Frida Cinema, a nonprofit arthouse theater centrally located in Santa Ana. The 2018 film festival will officially take place on Labor Day weekend, from August 31st through September 2nd, at this new location. The move is reflective of HIFF’s long-term goal to bring a collection of dark genre cinema, literature, and art to a diverse and passionate community.

For the last nine years, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival has helped to redefine the landscape of genre film exhibition while establishing themselves among the “Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals” on the film submission platform FilmFreeway. Through broadening genre definitions, highlighting filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, and curating meaningful discussion panels, HIFF is committed to bringing their unique passion and philosophy to Orange County.

“I believe horror stories are more than just entertainment,” stated Miguel Rodriguez, HIFF Founder and Director. “To have a group of people together under one roof, experiencing and discussing their fears and anxieties, it is such a cathartic release. Almost like therapy. More importantly, it is one heck of a way to bring people together when they otherwise may feel like outsiders. We are tremendously excited to explore this opportunity but will always remember San Diego; the community, the beautiful venues, and those who supported us from day one. ”

“This partnership is a natural fit for us. Aligned organizational goals, shared values, and a true love for genre films, you could not ask for more!” stated Logan Crow, Executive Director of The Frida Cinema. “Our commitment to our community has always been to expand access to diverse films, art, and ideas. For four years we have been working tirelessly to build a safe and supportive home for cine-fanatics. We know the introduction of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival to Orange County will be meaningful and exciting. We are so looking forward to working with Miguel and his talented team on this exciting endeavor!”

Admission to the 2018 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will be $75 for a three-day pass or $35 for a one-day pass. Film schedules, art shows, and panels are subject to change without notice. For more information about the upcoming festival, including scheduling, programming, special events, hours, submission prices, and the new location, please visit: http://www.hifilmfest.com.

Media Contact:
Miguel Rodriguez
Founder and Director, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

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