We are hoping to spotlight creators of all types in our new series we refer to as Spotlight Sunday. In our first Spotlight Sunday we feature, Brian Augustyn, someone we have talked to in an interview and always chat him up at Cons and events we attend. Without further ado, here is the Spotlight Sunday:


Brian Augustyn



Brain Augustyn is a local Phoenix comic book editor and writer. Most Phoenicians will recognize him form Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) where he regularly has a booth and participates in numerous panels.

Those who are not local to Phoenix will probably know him from his work at DC Comics, most notably as the Editor of The Flash form 1989 to 1992 and then from 1992, when he brought in Mark Waid , they had an eight year run. Brian was also the writer for the breakout graphic novel, “Gotham by Gaslight” (1989), that started the whole Elseworlds comics, where DC Comics heroes are taken out of their usual setting and put into alternate timelines or realities. He wrote a sequel in 1991 entitled “Master of the Future”.



Brian started his career in the comic book industry in 1986 as an editor for Tru Studios and NOW Comics. In 1987 he moved over to DC Comics as an editor. Brian is currently story editor and publisher for Red Giant Entertainment and has a podcast,

Sort of a Big Show.



Acclaimed comics writer/editor Brian Augustyn & comics journalist/writer Gary St. Lawrence host a weekly podcast of comic book-related news & commentary.

And can be found at Sort of a Big Show



Brain can be found on Facebook and Twitter @BrianAugustyn

Brian has a quick wit and is very friendly and welcoming of all who stop by his table at cons and events. He ahs become one of the people we always stop by and say Hi to. Stop by say Hi and buy some of his work.

Here is a link to our interview with Brian

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1 thought on “Spotlight Sunday – Brian Augustyn

  1. Love this guy. He’s not only wicked talented, he’s also very funny and kind. He joined me at a dumpster fire of a panel at ACE Comic Con when I invited him. I didn’t think he would actually come, but he DID! And, he killed it, he was crazy funny. Love him.

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