Spotlight Sunday – Neal and Jana Hallford

Spotlight Sunday this week features a couple who are some of the nicest people you could ever want to meet, Neal and Jana Hallford of San Diego. Neal and Jana are the creatives behind Swords and Circuitry Studios and Uncharted Regions. The Two Gay Geeks have been very fortunate to interact with Neal and Jana on a variety of projects over the last three plus years. One interesting note to the collaboration we have had with Neal and Jana is that they were the ones who started us down the road of supporting Independent Creators.

We were first introduced to Neal and Jana through a strange set of circumstances; Bill Hensley (Neal’s cousin) and I have been friends since the first day of fifth grade (last century) and happened to notice we were at (then) Phoenix Comicon and messaged me to say that his cousin (Neal) had a film in the horror shorts block at the film festival. We had no other plans for that evening so we decided to go and see what it was all about. Now at this time we were not “fans” of horror by any means so we went with a little trepidation. Fortunately, for us, Neal’s film was the first in the block. Case of Evil was an incredible short film harkening back to the old Universal Monster days. I woke up early the next day and couldn’t help myself, I had to write a review. As most know I am not much of a writer other than for press release and fluff stuff. But, it basically wrote itself and as it turns out, it was the first review the film had officially received. Neal reached out to me and before you know it we were collaborating on some new things for our site and eventually with he and Jana.



Swords and Circuitry Studios is the production company behind the award winning Case of Evil as well as a number of other projects most notably a film in conjunction with Larry Nemecek aka Dr. Trek called The Con of Wrath, which tells the story of the ill fated Star Trek Convention in Houston 1982.

Neal and Jana can be seen at conventions all over Southern California including Wonder Con and San Diego Comic-Con speaking on panels and running around like heads with their chicken cutoff as most do at cons. Neal also manages to get back to Oklahoma (his native environs) for Sooner Con.



Recently, Neal and Jana have started a new production company, Uncharted Regions, to produce “old time radio” style audio dramas. We happened to be fortunate enough to collaborate with them on the very first release, Someday, Over You. Currently, they are in the post-production phase of Haunted Hills featuring Gigi Edgley. We can’t wait to hear this one!

Besides all of this, Neal designs games and Jana handles all of the PR work for the two production companies.



Our lives and TG2 Studios have been tremendously impacted by their acquaintance and friendship. We can’t thank them enough.


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