Lilith’s Awakening Released on Amazon Streaming


The Two Gay Geeks received communication from our director friend, Monica Demes that her film, Lilith’s Awakening, has been released on Amazon for streaming and VOD. We are excited that everyone can now enjoy this new view of vampire films for themselves. Below we have a bit of information about the film and the coverage that we gave it back in 2016.


Lilith’s Awakening

A Film by Monica Demes

Lilith’s Awakening is a psychological horror art film that tells the story of Lucy, a sexually repressed woman trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead-end job at her father’s service station in a small Iowa town. The highlight of her existence comes at night, when she dreams of a mysterious and beautiful woman who haunts the woods outside her modest home.

The Cast:
Sophia Woodward, Barbara Eugenia, Steve Kennevan, Sam Garles

Lilith’s Awakening had its’ premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA on June 11, 2016 and the Two Gay Geeks were in attendance.

Here is the trailer

The Two Gay Geeks Review here.

Ben and Keith with Monica

The Two Gay Geeks Interview with Monica Demes here.

Lilith’s Awakening is available on Amazon at this link. If you are a Prime member it is included with your Prime membership, otherwise, it is $2.99.

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