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The Two Gay Geeks feature Larry Nemecek also known as Dr. Trek to con-goers. Larry was one of early interviews that was facilitated by Neal Hallford. We have since interviewed him several times via phone and a live sit-down at Phoenix Comicon two years ago. Let’s discover who Larry Nemecek is for those that don’t know:


Larry Nemecek aka Dr. Trek

From Larry’s website:

Author, interviewer, host, archivist, producer, voiceover, actor… and fan: LARRY NEMECEK has a background in news and theatre, but it is “Trekland” where he’s worked for nearly 25 years. A renowned Star Trek authority, Larry is the author of the bestselling classic Star Trek The Next Generation Companion, and a regular convention guest worldwide, often referred to as “Dr. Trek.”
Larry now brings his Trek knowledge, resources, and archives to the ultimate deep-dive experience for Trek fans: PORTAL 47.

Larry’s Star Trek credentials and his writings:

A trained journalist, Larry went from daily news to best-selling author of the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, and the Star Trek: Stellar Cartography map/book set. He served as managing editor of the fan-favorite official magazine Star Trek Communicator, was a senior staffer for the entire original Fact Files run, and was an editor/producer for the original His regular column for Star Trek Magazine celebrated both its 100th entry and 20th anniversary in November 2017.

Larry’s Podcast:

The Trek Files: your weekly deep-dive into the archives of Roddenberry Entertainment, from the personal files of Gene Roddenberry! Episodes AND documents here each Tuesday.

Find the Trek Files:
The Trek Files Podcast Site

The Con of Wrath:

The Con of Wrath is a film Larry conceived to tell the fateful story of a Con gone wrong.
Here is the summary line of The Con of Wrath:
It was supposed to be the granddaddy of all Star Trek conventions — and wound up as the mother of all meltdowns.
This is how one weekend in June, 1982, saw the rise and fall, and rise again of a dream. How one ambitious Houston fan and his band of friends sold the dream — the first-ever, all-cast Star Trek extravaganza — complete with laser shows, orchestral hoopla, and a revolving arena stage…
And then just failed to sell the tickets.
Or … was it really that simple?

Here are several links to interviews with Larry:

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