Chimera’s Jessie, Karishma Ahluwalia, Interview at Phoenix Film Festival

The Two Gay Geeks were absolutely elated to be able to talk with Karishma Ahluwalia who plays Jessie in Chimera. What a fun interview. This is a must listen interview.Alos sitting in was Director, Maurice Haeems and we had a live studio audience in our small hotel room. All at the Phoenix Film Festival.


Chimera’s Jessie, Karishma Ahluwalia, chats with The Two Gay Geeks

Karishma sat down in our hotel studio at the 18th annual Phoenix Film Festival and had a very entertaining chat about her roles Jessie in Chimera. And as with a lot of our interviews we veered off into silliness and great anecdotes about her career and a few fascinating stories from the set of Chimer. Of course, Maurice Haeems the director of Chimera was sitting in to chime in on some of the crazier things.

Karishma Interview

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