Daro Mat Writer, Lakshmi Devy Interviewed at Phoenix Film Festival

The Two Gay Geeks sit down with Lakshmi Devy, writer of Daro Mat that screened at the 18th annual Phoenix Film Festival at the Harkins Scottsdale 101. We talk about her career in the film industry and her journey to filmmaking and finding that she has a voice.



Lakshmi Devy at the Phoenix Film Festival

Daro Mat, or “Don’t Be Afraid,” deals with the Indian Culture and the women who never express their opinions. This film specifically focuses on a single named Divya (Lakshmi Devy) who is quite intelligent, but is raised to believe that having an opinion is simply not an option. Through the course of the story she displays a strength of character portrayed by simple thoughts.


Lakshmi Devy serves as writer, co-director, and producer of this short film that was filmed in Mumbai India, and is currently on the film festival circuit, and just finished a run at the Phoenix Film Festival.  The film also co-stars Vineeth Iyer, Kalyani N., Nithiyaa Ravindhar, Moin Sheik, and Ajay Singhal.

Daro Mat Teaser


Lakshmi Devy Interview


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