The Two Gay Geeks wish to spotlight a good friend and colleague, Patricia Chica. Patricia is a go-getter in the world of independent filmamkers who happen to be women and just happens to be one of our favorite Directors. We want to give you a glimpse into why we like Patricia and her work so much. (and yes, we may be a little biased….)


Here is a reprint of an article on Dread Central:


Born in El Salvador, raised in Montreal, Canada, with long stays in Toronto, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, Patricia Chica is a Canadian multiple award-winning director. She specializes in high-quality author driven films that have great international and commercial appeal. Patricia has also directed and produced world-class primetime broadcast content for networks such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Showcase, Oxygen, Animal Planet, Bravo Canada, Canal D, ARTV, CBC and Travel Channel, UniMás, and El Rey Network just to name a few. She is perfectly fluent in English, French and Spanish and has build cult following and a loyal audience for herself internationally in those three markets.

Patricia has a genuine interest in exploring thought-provoking stories that deal with complex behavior, the search for meaning, and the darker side of the human experience. Strongly inspired by real-life psychosocial issues that shape our choices, she strives to present an authentic and realistic portrayal of the emotional human landscape. Her visual style has been described as provocative and poetic. Fond of exploring edgier themes and taboo subjects that question the definitions of memory, sexuality, identity and consciousness, Patricia loves crafting strong characters, exploring mood and tone, and exhibiting visual ingenuity; all while delivering an engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining story.

Patricia’s previous acclaimed films include Day Before Yesterday(2010, winner of over 10 awards) and The Promise (2000, winner of 10 awards) just to name a few. She also co-directed the award-winning feature documentary Rockabilly 514 (aired on Bravo! Canada, Canal D as well as in the US and Europe). Her genre short dramas Ceramic Tango (2013), Serpent’s Lullaby (2014-“Coup de Coeur” mention at the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner), A Tricky Treat (2015) have received multiple awards. Her latest shorts Crimson Dance (2016) and Morning After (2017) an LGBT coming-of-age comedy, are presently touring the festival circuit.

Patricia Chica’s work has been presented and/or awarded at over 300 international film festivals, theatres, art centers, universities and on television around the world. Countries like Canada, the USA, and Mexico, as well as El Salvador (her birth country) have presented retrospectives of her films in the past three years.

Patricia Chica divides her time between Los Angeles and Montreal.

To be continued…

Photo: © Vincent Frechette (FANTASIA)

As you can see Patricia is making a name for herself. She has also dabbled in some Public Relations for Chicart PR, which is how we became acquainted with her. We immediately took a liking to her and her work. We were impressed by Patrica’s work ethic, her vision, and voice as a female director. And she has always been willing to share her knowledge of the industry and connect us with other independent filmmakers. We believe in her vision so much we even became Co-Executive Producers on her award winning short film, Morning After.

Below is one of the films Patricia has directed and was featured at Phoenix Film Festival last year. It really is a treat….. 😉

My all-time favorite Patricia Chica Film is Serpent’s Lullaby. When I ran across it, I was mesmerized and moved to write a review (which as everyone knows, it is rare that I write something other than fluff pieces).
Here is the link to my review of Serpent’s Lullaby.

Editor’s Note: I got permission from Patricia after this published, and as promised here is a link for you to see why I was so moved by this piece of art.

Patricia spends her time between Montreal and Los Angeles making films and spending time with nature. Patricia is a positive individual who works hard at being the best person she can be physically, mentally, and spiritually, as well as being a driven professional woman.

Coming Soon:

We have covered Patricia in multiple interviews and Press Releases, below are a few:

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“Crimson Dance” to have World Premiere at Fantasia

And in case you haven’t seen it, below is the trailer for the award winning short, Morning After. We are especially proud of this film since we were involved almost since the beginning.

“MORNING AFTER” (Teaser Trailer) from Patricia Chica on Vimeo.


Patricia Chica is truly the epitome of the term Autere. Thanks for being you and for being supportive of us.

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