Upcoming Releases or Books to Look for

The Two Gay Geeks have are always on the lookout for books about to be released, especially form people we know and have talked to. Below are a few we know are in preorder status or are releasing soon. We loe our author friends and wish to support them in any way we can. Please consider preordering the books below.


Books, More, and Etc.

First up – Our wonderful friend (and contributor to the site) Gini Koch; Her new book Aliens Like Us is delayed but is in preorder status. Go get it and in the mean time catch up.

Episode 127. Her new book in the Blood of Earth series is in preorder (I can’t wait). This is such a great series.

We have a new author to put in the list. His first work, “The Last Sun” we reviewed last week and will have an interview up soon. The first book is set to release on June 12. and the second book is already in preorder status. Here are both.

Our friend, Tom Leveen just had a book released last month called “Hellworld”. We interviewed Tom in Episode 156.

Terry Smith or T. L. Smith who we have interviewed in Episode 146 had a couple of books released recently as well.

And here is a link to a page for a number of anthologies and books, some of which have Gini Koch’s writing in them.

Zombies Need Brains

We love supporting our author friends. Buy their books and if a book is in preorder, please consider preordering. It sends a message to the publisher that people are waiting for these authors.

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