News Sushi: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond #9

Editor Note:Here is Hamish with another installment of the World Famous News Sushi: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond! (sounds like it should be a line that a Pixar character would say…). We want to thank Hamish for these wonderful insights into Japanese culture and entertainment.



Welcome to News Sushi no. 9… a window into the world via yours truly. And I truly thank all of you for sticking around…



Hopefully, better than watching a pot of water boil… but that seems to be highly underrated. So, here is the blog that is certifiably better than watching paint dry™.


LGBTI Tennis Open to be held in South Africa

Once again, this September, an LGBTI Tennis Open will be held in Capetown, South Africa to raise funds for local LGBTI charities. And you can enter! If this strikes your fancy… all entry documents and for more information please contact Paul:


And I totally included this to be charitable and support the LGBTI community across the world, and not because I wanted to include the photo of this guy’s abs. I don’t know what you are insinuating dear reader!

Okay, you seem as unimpressed as this kitty, so I’ll try to up my game.


It came from below….

Recently surfaced in Tokyo Bay is this giant of the sea… (hopefully we can get this embedded)

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And somewhere is a little Japanese kid by the harbour saying, “Oshiiso!”

(It means “it looks delicious”)

And, I’ve lived here so long, that I would agree with him. But, yes, I know we shouldn’t eat such an intelligent animal. But….


Today I learned

Did you know that this was a thing? Back in the day, before clocks, how would you be able to tell time once the sun went down (those sun-dials don’t really work at night)… well, there used to be “Candle Clocks”… (and please read that “L” it’s an important part of the name…)

According to Wikipedia, “It is unknown where and when candle clocks were first used. The earliest reference to their use occurs in a Chinese poem by You Jiangu (AD 520). Here, the graduated candle supplied a means of determining time at night. Similar candles were used in Japan until the early 10th century.” So, there you go!


The OZFLIX Awards are here!

The Ozzies have landed. The streaming service which only has Australian content, has held it’s inaugural awards ceremony for truly independent cinema, and of course, the awesome “Sweet Country” walked away with most of the awards! But, it’s great to see an attempt to support truly independent films.

If you are interested in Australian films, take a look at the website (it’s a pay as you go model). While only some of the content is available internationally, there are some interesting films. I recommend watching “Backroads”, which road movie and a look at racism in Australia in the 1970s (which is still relevant today). It stars the late great Bill Hunter (who international audiences know from “Muriel’s Wedding” and “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.


Todd A. Payne

A poet’s journey through depression, anxiety, love, death and absurdity. TRIGGER WARNING: Some poems were written during bouts of depression and anxiety, and may be triggering to some readers.

Here’s how Todd describes himself; “I’m a contradiction and an enigma. I’m a poet and a wannabe novelist. I’m gay but only occasionally happy. Mostly though, I’m just me.”

Full disclosure (no, I’m not getting undressed, feel free to keep your eyes open)… I’ve known Todd since I was in my early twenties, back when he was dating a friend of mine (Adrian Austin of one of my previous News Sushis). We met on a pretty interesting evening, which I may one day talk about, or may just take to my grave. In any case, I’ve been following Todd’s blog for years, and he’s always been an amazing writer and poet. And as soon as I found out about this collection, I immediately shelled out my hard earned cash for a copy. And I think you should too.

Follow the replies and you’ll see where Todd shares the link to the eBook as well.

twitter @angelfoxblue


Does Size Matter?????

Or is it the motion of the ocean? This is a real ad from Japan. So, do you want your “long, long man”?


Water wigs?

Aren’t they just the cat’s meow!!!!!! /s


Can you make Mickey & Minnie Mouse?

Nina Bonina Brown does it again, I love this queen!



Studio Ghibli plans to open new theme park near Nagoya by 2022 >>> Take my money!

Japanese Banks are planning to introduce their own bitcoin killer >>> (wasn’t bitcoin invented by a Japanese man?)

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has turned the popular comic, “My Brother’s Husband” into a three part series. It’s probably badly acted like most dramas here, but at least it’s positive representation >>>


Karma Explained

Lastly, Deron Reynolds, who is a musician and acted in my film… has just won the annual “Parade of Fools” art competition, which is held in Osaka. The challenge is to have two artists to portraits of each other. Below you can hear the musical portrait that Deron did, and watch both the work of the artist the music is of, and her portrait of Deron (which him standing next to said work)!

Until next time…..

Hugs and kisses xxoo

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