“Child Of Atlantis – Ascension” is the Key to a fun read!

Stories of people from Atlantis have been somewhat commonplace for quite a long time. From movies to TV shows, the use of Atlantis as some sort of backdrop for a story continues to stimulate and tantalize both reader and writer alike. Even in books we see the popularity of Atlantis and its mythology figure in to books, most recently with KD Edwards The Last Sun, and now we have a series of books by Perry Covington titled Child Of Atlantis, and his first book is simply named “Ascension.”

The story introduces us to a young man named Maximus Hunt, or Max for short. He’s quite the average high school student. He’s a bit of a nerd, but not so much that he sticks out. He’s actually painfully average, except for an aptitude for running track, despite having bouts with asthma. His parents are very loving towards him, and are of the academia type. While they are vacationing they encounter a group of not so nice people, and young Max is rescued by some other equally mysterious people who claim to be on his side, and right after that his world, as he knows it, is totally turned upside down and inside out. He learns that there is an Atlantis, or at least there was, and its people still survive to this day. Naturally it is revealed that he is also Atlantean, but his true destiny has greater significance than even he realizes, and that’s when everything goes out of control.

This is clearly a book for young adults, given that most of its primary characters are all of the high school age, and yet this book doesn’t speak down to anyone. It doesn’t have the sense of mature content as The Last Sun, but that does not diminish the storytelling and its characters. Despite being told in the Omniscient POV (the writer makes known all of the thoughts of each or as many of the characters as he/she sees fit), we tend to gravitate towards Max. He’s the ordinary guy who has been thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so naturally as the reader we relate to him. Covington writes him in a manner that gives it a multigenerational feel, meaning that anyone who reads this book will most likely relate to him immediately, despite any significant age differences that may be present between the reader and the character of Max. Covington also knows how to give exciting, very streamlined, adventure. At times it felt like it was part Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones, which is oddly relevant since there are some self-referential moments in the book that call back to those stories. At other times it feels like a Disney-esque telling of Excalibur, reinforcing the old adage that Arthur C. Clarke staid, that any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic, and that is what we have here. The setting is fantastic, and the adventures keep you hooked, but Covington keeps his characters front and center, continually reminding us that people shape the future and the world we live in, and his characters are not only trying to shape the future, they are battling for Earth, and they are risking their lives to achieve their goals.

This is a fun and very easy read. Everything about this book is exciting right up to the very last page, which unfortunately is probably the only downside. This is the first book in a trilogy, and it has the most abrupt stop I have ever encountered. This is no doubt done to encourage readers to then pick the second, and then finally, the third book in this Child Of Atlantis series. However, since all of the books are already released there is no sense of despair at having to wait for the next chapter in the series to come out so that you may find a resolution to the cliffhanger you’ve been left with. The books are all there, and immediately once I finished reading the first book I promptly went online and ordered the second for my Kindle.

Yes, I did enjoy Perry Covington’s Child Of Atlantis that much!

Child Of Atlantis – Ascension receives 4 out of 5 Crystals!
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