Social Saturday – The Torch Theater – Phoenix

This Social Saturday we feature The Torch Theater in Phoenix, AZ. The Two Gay Geeks have attended a couple of events here and been invited to many more. It is a great venue for locals to hone their craft or host an event. Let’s discover more about The Torch Theater:


The Torch Theater

About The Torch Theater (from their website)

The Torch has some of Arizona’s finest professional improv performers working together to bring professional improv to The Valley with performances every weekend.
When The Torch Theatre began in 2007, we sought to help improvisors hone their craft and spread the word about longform improv in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s become so much more than that. It’s a community where our local musicians, actors, poets, dancers, comedians, writers and creative artists of all kinds can find a home to nurture their love of self-expression and collaboration. Individuals from all walks have found an openly supportive theater company to grow as people. Our performers and students have gone out and filled Phoenix with amazing performances, works and projects. We would love for The Torch Theatre to continue to be a strong voice in the choir making Phoenix a vibrant and creatively diverse community. We moved into our own space at 4721 N. Central in July of 2011. Having a physical presence is a big step towards being a bigger voice in the Phoenix creative community.

The Torch Theater has a number of ongoing shows as well as special events and even offers training classes in the art of improvisation.
We attended a special event for Jack Kirby’s birthday which was a great opportunity to see some local artists read from one of Kirby’s works as the pages were displayed on a screen.

So, if you are looking for a place to host a special event or are interested in checking out some local talent, The Torch Theater is the place. Check out the website for further information.
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  1. Tommy Cannon Avatar

    I love that you’re spotlighting the Torch Theatre. Improv Comedy is a skill that everyone in every field should try at least once. It’s perfect for learning to collaborate, to trust your creative instincts, and to shed your fear of public speaking. I highly recommend their classes and shows. Due to the nature of the art form, you never get the same show twice, even if the format is the same. If you love innovation and creativity then seek out the Torch or seek out improv in general. Thank you TG Studios for this sensational spotlight!

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