News Sushi: Morsels of News from Japan and Beyond #11

Welcome back sweethearts! It’s time for News Sushi part 11… a lucky number for some!

And I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet… but… well, I’ve failed so far…

wish me luck!


If you are in Osaka and would like some decorated sweetness… then, I recommend that you contact this wonderful artist!

Once you’ve done that… you might need to dance off the extra pounds, and what better way to do that than with the new remix collection by DJ OzYboY.

It’s a collection of the Freemasons greatest club hits, and it has a real summer feel. Now, I’m not sure if everyone knows DJ OzYBoY, but in his former life, he was part of one of my favourite Australian Dance bands, Radio Freedom. RF teamed a very George Michael sounding vocalist, with the Keyboards of DJ OzYBoY and a third member who I don’t know, but together they made the infectious mega-hit, “I can feel it”…

And if you like classic songs remixed, then I really recommend his channel:

Could Wales have the world’s best tap water? London-based Turkish actress Pinar Ogun thinks so….

This 11 year old Japanese girl is just like every other girl in the world, except for one thing… she races Formula Three cars…

African-American rappers have reclaimed the n-word, the LGBTQIA2+ community has reclaimed the word ‘queer’ (though I still have some trouble with it)… but, is it possible for Asia to reclaim the Swastika? Me even asking the question probably makes you feel uncomfortable. But, if you come to Japan, you’ll see on any town map in the country, a few Swastikas on the map denoting the location of the nearest temple. I’ve largely gotten used to it in this context, though in other contexts, such as the recent protests that have young white men hoisting signs with the symbol emblazoned on them, I react very differently. Can this religious symbol, of love, of peace, to be good… can it possibly be reclaimed?

In the following article, they say, “there are those who would like to highlight and make use of the swastika’s original meaning. Among them is artist and designer Sinjun Wesson, whose Spiritual Punx line of clothing, accessories and stickers—which started in 2013 and is designed to ‘inspire people to be more loving and accepting to all’—treats the ‘swasi’ as a feel-good icon.”

A feel-good icon? Michael Jackson certianly tried to do the same in his 15 minute promotion video for the HIStory album, but was met with the condemnation of the Jewish League. Does the fact that the Swastika is being used again, in both it’s good original meaning, and the perverted Nazi meaning, mean that we have come far enough away from the events of World War 2 that we’ve forgotten how it was used? Personally, while I can intellectually argue for the use of the symbol as it’s original meaning, I can’t ever wipe the perverted Nazi meaning from my mind.

Original article:

Slightly less controversial topic now… my friend and talented graphic artist, Miyuki Nakashima, has done some lovely line drawing of a live music performance:

Also, I want to do a bit of astroturfing for my talented artist sister, Naomi Downie. Naomi runs a Jazz night, “Johnson St Jazz”, and sometimes performs her poetry while a jazz musician improvs under her poem… she also, like Miyuki, does drawings and paintings of live music, and they really are quite wonderful. I’m even using her artwork as a major plot point for my upcoming feature film. If you are interested in her art, please follow the link below:

Are you having a crazy day? We all have one of those days… but, if you want a good read (and laugh), take a look at the following insane story of a day in the life of a random person on the internet… I promise it is worth it.

Now to leave you with a punny funny… from Michael Chan, Canadian actor and general nice guy:

That’s all for this week… is it shorter? I’m not so sure… but I tried 😉

Until next time!

P.S. take a look at this bear dancing… what a cutie!

Ta ta! (For Now)

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