Social Saturday – FilmBar Phoenix

The Two Gay Geeks want to highlight another local Phoenix establishment. FilmBar is rather unique and is right up our alley because they show works by Independent Filmmakers as well as mainstream films. They dub themselves Phoenix’s true indie cinema and they are. Let’s see why FilmBar is unique and wonderful.



Here is a combination of information from the FilmBar Website and Facebook page, it sums up what FilmBar is all about:
At FilmBar, enjoy food, drinks, movies, and relaxation in our one-of-a-kind independent theater here in downtown Phoenix. We specialize in Indie and Foreign flicks, as well as Cult, Classic, Retro, and Locally Made films. No matter what your taste is, FilmBar has something for you. Choose from a wide variety of craft beer and wine to go along with your picture show experience, and when you get hungry, munch on some tamales, popcorn and candy. Stop by for a drink – stay for a movie!

Whatever day it is, FilmBar always has something interesting showing. And if you want FilmBar all to yourself, ask us about renting it out! It’s the ideal venue for Holiday parties, film screenings – any event, really. We’ll handle the audio/visual needs, catering, if necessary and even the promotion.

FilmBar has won the Phoenix New Time’s Best of Phoenix “Best Indie Cinema” each year since we’ve opened! We have worked each year to refine and improve what we do by working to understand what the community is looking for in an Indie theater. We hope you check us out soon for a truly unique movie theater experience.

The Two Gay Geeks have attended a couple of events at the FilmBar (not as many as we would like) but, each time we have enjoyed ourselves. The Bar area has seating inside and out with many different styles of tables to accommodate your tastes. The theater are has theater seating as well as a standup bar are and even some high-top bar tables in the back corner for a gathering of folks. In total they have 76 seats so tickets for events go fast. The screen is large enough and takes up most of the wall space. There is even ample space between the first row of seats and the screen to have a Q&A panel with a table if necessary.

While we have not had the opportunity to try their food items (they have a limited menu) they do have the standard fare of Popcorn and assorted candy items. And of course, they have soda, water, and most important of all…. Adult beverages.

FilmBar has many events going on including sing-a-longs, films labeled as History of the Future (old films portraying the future. Duh! You are saying….), as well as wine tasting events, and much more. They have events scheduled out until November with some weeks with multiple events.

If you are looking Independent and local Phoenix Filmmaker events, this is the place. In fact, we went to an event for an independent film we had covered for quite some time, Beyond the Gates. There was a Q&A with the Director afterwards, which is always fun. We love to support independent filmmakers of all types. So, we may have to frequent the FilmBar more often.

We leave you with a quote from the owner, Kelly Aubey:
I didn’t start FilmBar to make a pile of money (and, trust me, I haven’t). I started FilmBar because I believed that the power of film could unite communities. And, together, we are achieving just that. No small feat in a city as spread-out as Phoenix.

FilmBar Specifics:

Address 815 N. 2nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone 602-595-9187

Hours of Operation
Sunday 1PM – 11PM
Monday 5PM – 12AM
Tuesday 5PM – 12AM
Wednesday 5PM – 12AM
Thursday 5PM – 12AM
Friday 4:30PM – 12AM
Saturday 1PM – 12AM

FilmBar is located in the Roosevelt Row neighborhood on 2nd Street just south of Roosevelt.
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